2.2.22 Single Release „Angel“ (+ Video)

22.2.22 Album Release -thousand-

22.3.22 Video Release „thousand“


A Song like an old friend. Sun is shining and the feet go with the beat of contrabass and lap steel guitar. „Angel“ celebrates the joy of life and longing for true love. And with this sound it’s alright, if you haven’t found it yet. Like the Blues told us: I know that sun is gonna shine on my backdoor someday!

Freak Out

Life is like a blink of an eye - no time to waste. So if you're asking yourself: "Should I...?!" or "Is it allowed...?!" Of course, a little freaking out is not only allowed, it makes life worth living! So don't wait for someone to tell you what is "right". Dare to make mistakes and find your way.


Imagine there´s a love outlasting not just for a lifetime but time at all. Two souls bound for a thousand lifes as brother, child, mother, friend, lover and united ever again. The amazement and gratitude to encounter ever again.

Bloody Right

Every true folk song, really, is about the loss of a loved one. Classically, he or she has gone to war, to the new world, or somehow died. The beauty of the ex and/or the places of togetherness are then usually sung about. It's a bit more banal here, but no less contemporary: he messed it up! The good thing is that this attitude to life is best celebrated with good friends and one to three Guinness.

Cover your storm

This song is very personal in a weird way. I dreamed it and actually got up at half past three in the night to capture the fragments of the dream in a voice memo. The complete text, the harmonization and the song structure were created that night. It's about giving comfort and meeting your counterpart with love and grace.

Mama don´t cry

For as long as I can remember, images and reports about the destruction of nature all over the world have touched me. Whether the Amazon rainforest is being cleared on an unimaginable scale, whether apes, whales, seals, insects are dying... all these things make me incredibly sad and I feel powerless. But I know there are so many people who feel the same way. This song is intended to encourage and to evoke the cohesion of all those who do not give up hope. This destruction can only end if humanity stands together for what is right.

River is Flowing

Everything is like a river and it is in the nature of things to end. Love, life, the world. What remains is the beauty of what you were allowed to experience. Maybe it's a decision you have to make, but don't fear the end, learn to love what you've experienced.